circus mirandusCircus Mirandus wasn’t the kind of place you could navigate quickly. Magic was everywhere. The air smelled of grass and smoke and chocolate cake. Lights twinkled overhead like extra stars, and children crowded around groups of performers in exotic costumes. The music Micah had heard was still playing, the drums throbbing in time to Circus Mirandus’s pulse. He had to struggle not to lose himself in the wonder of it all.

Magic. Friendship. Adventure. A circus. Circus Mirandus by Cassie Beasley is all of these things, weaving magic into its pages, and the experience of reading this book fills the reader up; the reader must be careful not to lose himself in the wonder of it all.

10-year-old Micah’s Grandpa Ephraim has told him stories about a circus he went to once when he was young, tales that involve an invisible tiger, a flying woman, and most mysterious of all, the Man Who Bends Light. This is Circus Mirandus.

Micah has always thought Grandpa Ephraim’s storytelling about the circus was just that—entertaining and imaginative stories. Now that Grandpa Ephraim is sick, it seems that the Lightbender owes him a miracle from long ago, and Circus Mirandus does exist. All while avoiding his awful Great Aunt Gertrudis, who has a very staunch opinion that magic does not exist, it will take Micah a lot of determination, the help of a talking parrot by the name of Chintzy, and his brainy friend Jenny to find the circus and the man known as the Lightbender. Beasley is an enchanting storyteller and reminds readers what it is like to be a kid who believes in magic, who believes in stories. Circus Mirandus is both joyful and heart-breaking as it explores the true magic in this world—the lengths we’ll go for someone we love.

Micah Tuttle believes in magic. Do you?

CFoHijcUgAAKIKFFor fans of Roald Dahl, Big Fish, or even adults who enjoyed reading Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus, embark on one of the most magical reads this summer and pick up a signed copy of Circus Mirandus at Lemuria Books!

Ages 8-12

Circus Mirandus is the OZ First Editions Club selection for June.