St Andrews

My spiritual home is the cathedral of St. Andrew’s Church which is built from the floor to ceiling to represent an upside down boat.  It was where all my children were baptized in the mid 70’s and where Hinky and I continue to worship and share in its communal life.  I am proud of its rich history, especially in the 60’s, when it stood tall and strong in the move toward racial reconciliation.  It continues that tradition as we join other groups and people in a new program called Growing Together Jackson, to revitalize and re-energize our beloved city.  It is a place where it is safe to question anything and celebrate the great mysteries of life.

Written by Pat


Jackson: photographs by Ken Murphy is available now for purchase. To order a copy, call Lemuria Books at 601.366.7619 or visit us online at Please join us in celebrating Jackson on August 5th at 5:00 in Banner Hall!