Just wanted to take a moment to highlight a book we got in recently. I’ve mentioned Thomas Sowell’s books here before. His last few books each tackled a particular topic (Intellectuals, or The Housing Boom and Bust), but this new title, Dismantling America and Other Controversial Essays, is a collection of shorter pieces. Sowell is brilliant at exploring and explaining a topic in great depth, but he’s equally good at condensing material down to essay or editorial length.

Every time that I’ve recommended a Thomas Sowell book here on the blog, I’ve worried that perhaps I’m cutting my audience in half before I’ve even started. But I’ll take that risk — and I think Sowell’s books have value even for those who disagree with him. Consider this last election: however you choose to interpret the results, you at least have to acknowledge that voters shifted away from Democratic candidates. Maybe it’s a referendum on Obama. Maybe it’s a growing dissatisfaction with big-government interference. Or maybe it’s simply frustration with the lingering economic stagnation and unemployment. But whatever the actual specific reasons may be, the voters as a group certainly made a different decision than they did in 2008. Sowell has written about all of these issues — Obama’s performance, government power and structure, macroeconomics, and more.

I believe Sowell’s voice is among the most clear, direct, and reasonable within the American political right wing. Read him whether you agree or disagree with him.